5th ICCBES at Nagoya, JAPAN
International Conference on Business, Education and Social Sciences
As we step into a new era of rapid technological advancement and globalization, our societies and cultures are undergoing profound changes and transformations. The 5th International Conference on Business, Education and Social Sciences, to be held in Nagoya, Japan on January 7 - 9, 2025, offers a platform for scholars, researchers, practitioners and policymakers to come together and explore the dynamics of social change and cultural transformation.
With a focus on the latest developments, trends and challenges in business, education and social sciences, the conference aims to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and generate insights that can inform and inspire the efforts to navigate and shape the future of our societies and cultures.
Conference Theme of ICCBES : Social change and cultural transformation
Globalization and cultural diversity: Exploring how globalization and cross-cultural exchange can either promote or threaten the survival and development of different cultures, and how to balance the relationship between globalization and cultural diversity.
Digital transformation and cultural innovation: Analyzing the impact of the digital age on cultural heritage and innovation, and how to utilize digital technology to preserve, showcase, and create cultural values.
Social change and ethnic relations: Investigating how social change affects inter-ethnic relations, cultural identity, and social cohesion, and how to manage conflicts and tensions between ethnic groups.
Social change and gender equality: Studying how social change affects gender roles, gender identity, and gender equality, and how to promote gender equality and the role of women in social development.
Urbanization and cultural mobility: Analyzing the impact of urbanization and urban development on cultural heritage, cultural consumption, and cultural production, and how to maintain and enhance cultural characteristics in the urbanization process.
Generational change and values: Exploring the changes in values, cultural identity, and social concepts among different generations, and how to deal with differences and conflicts between generations.
Cultural and creative industries and socio-economic development: Researching the contributions of cultural and creative industries to socio-economic development, and how to develop and utilize cultural and creative industries to promote social transformation and cultural innovation.
Environmental change and cultural protection: Examining the impact of environmental change on cultural heritage and cultural ecosystems, and how to protect and preserve cultural heritage and cultural ecosystems.
Academic Sessions
Business and Management, Education, Economics, Communication and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Law and Politics, Psychology and Society, Humanities and Culture Studies
We invite you share the latest research results and case studies in the field of Social change and cultural transformation. Abstracts and full papers submissions for relevant presentations are welcome and should be submitted to our official website before the deadline. For any inquiry, please contact us at iccbes@iccbes.org
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